Lawful obligations


Lawful obligations of EEE producers:

According to §27 and §34 of the Waste Act no.79/2015 Coll.:
  • to register in the Register of Producers of Specified Products and report any changes in the registered data,
  • designate an authorized representative if the producer does not have company seat in Slovak republic,
  • ensure that EEE is manufactured and designed in compliance with a specific regulation and when placing EEE on the market, mark it with a trademark or brand name used by the producers to identify themselves and provide the date information indicating that the EEE was placed on the market after 13 August 2005; the obligation to mark EEE with date information may also be fulfilled by marking the EEE with the graphic symbol,
  • at the time of sale of EEE, indicate on the packaging or label thereof, or the tax or other similar document issued upon the sale thereof, the amount of the recycling fee intended to cover the cost of collecting, transporting and processing WEEE from private households originating from this EEE; the amount of the recycling fee may not exceed the best estimate of the actual costs incurred and the revenue from the recycling fee may not be used by the producers of EEE in conflict with the purpose thereof,
  • fulfil their information obligation in relation to the public and processors of specified waste streams,
  • ensure handling with WEEE and that the targets set out in Annex 3 are met,
  • ensure recovery and recycling of specified waste streams at least at the level of the binding recovery and recycling limits for the specified waste stream set out in Annex 3,
  • keep and retain records and report to the Ministry information from the records within the required scope and retain the reported data,
  • fulfil their information obligation in relation to the end users of specified products,
  • calculate their collection and market shares,
  • ensure that the whole quantity of a separately collected component of municipal waste falling within a specified waste stream is collected in the municipality in which they are responsible for this specified waste stream,
  • Producers of specified products shall bear all financial costs associated with the collection, transport, preparing for reuse, recovery, recycling, reuse, processing and disposal of separately collected waste falling within a specified waste stream,

Lawful obligations of EEE distributors

According to §37 of the Waste Act no.79/2015 Coll.:
  • at the time of sale of EEE, indicate the recycling fee, if indicated by the producer of the EEE when placing the EEE on the market,
  • inform end-users, in a place visible to and accessible by the public at the time of sale of EEE, about the possibility of free take-back of WEEE,
  • provide for the take-back of WEEE at their points of sale throughout their opening hours,
  • ensure, in accordance with the contract with the producer of EEE or a producer responsibility organization, that the WEEE collected is handed over to a collection point or the location agreed in the contract with a producer of EEE performing the management of WEEE individually or with a responsible producing organization providing collective management of WEEE, or to a WEEE processor; at the request of a producer of EEE, always ensure that WEEE from private households that comes from the manufacture, sale, cross-border transport from another Member State to the Slovak Republic or import of EEE placed on the market by the distributor after 13 August 2005 is handed over to that producer of EEE or a responsible producing organization authorized by the producer,
  • provide for take-back of WEEE at the location where EEE is handed out or the location where it is stored, if they distribute EEE to end-users on the basis of mail order, including electronic sales; if no such storage location exists, this shall be provided at a location agreed with the producer of EEE.