Provided services


PRO ELEKOS will ensure collective fulfilment of Your lawful obligations:

collection, transport, recovery, recycling, resp. elimination of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) at least in the amount of the set lawful target for the collection of WEEE, fulfilment of the established limits for the recovery of WEEE, and the reuse and recycling of components, materials and substances and the joint fulfilment of the waste management objective,

  • registration in the Register of Producers / Importers of EEE, and reporting of changes,
  • keeping records and handing in reports to the respective authorities and storing reported data
  • fulfilment of lawful information obligations in relation to end users of specified products

In addition to the above-mentioned lawful obligations, PRO ELEKOS also provides the following services to the designated producer of specified products:

  • free of charge expert advice and legal assistance in waste management in terms of specified products
  • informing the represented producers about the planned changes, as well as changes made to waste legislation that may affect its status and activity
  • providing professional assistance during the control of the activities of the represented producer by the waste management state supervisory authorities
  • organizing professional seminars and educational training on current topics in the field of specified products waste management

PRO ELEKOS guarantees to all represented manufacturers:

  • equivalent status of all members, with a rigorous application of the conditions of non-discrimination
  • advantageous price conditions resulting from the efficiency of joint fulfilment of the specified obligations of producers of specified products under “one roof”
  • free access to the associated waste management system operated by PRO ELEKOS